How to Create The Perfect Vision Board or Mood Board

A huge majority of the most successful people today, including Arnold Schwarzenegger and Oprah Winfrey, have used mood boards to manifest what they want in life. The idea behind a vision board is to place your goals and dreams in once place so it’s easier for you to visualize and manifest them in your life.

And whilst a mood board is something everyone should set time apart to do, most of us argue that we don’t have enough time, or aren’t creative enough, etc. However, making one shouldn’t be difficult, time-consuming or a tedious task if you choose the right method. So, if you’re wondering how to do a mood board that will work for you, keep reading to find the right steps and platforms.

1. Have your vision board objective clear

If you’re wondering how to start a mood board and what the first step to creating the perfect one is, the answer is deciding what goal you want to project on your vision board. Why are you making your vision board for? Is it to accomplish a specific goal in your career? Is it to help you visualize a healthier lifestyle? Is it to manifest a trip, situation or dream? When done correctly, vision boards are very effective in your personal life and career.

But in order for them to work and help you visualize what you want, you have to know what your objective and end goal is. Is it to buy a new house? To get a degree? To launch a startup? To be promoted? Before you start crafting and designing, decide what your biggest aspiration is!

2. Determine whether you prefer a digital or a physical mood board

Once you’ve made up your mind on what your goal is and what you want to work towards every single day, the next step is to decide what you are going to use to create your vision board. The creative process of cutting out images and handwriting inspiring and persuasive quotes really magnifies the power of a vision board as the thoughts in your head become tangible and more real when putting them together on paper.

But, how to do a mood board when you don’t have many supplies, access to a printer or enough time to dedicate to it? Even if the long process of creating a physical mood board of your objectives will generate a greater impact on you, opting for a digital vision board is as effective and practical as a physical one and one that you can actually take anywhere with you.

2.1 Physical mood board

If you have the time to put together a tangible mood board that you can touch, you’ll need a series of materials and supplies to get started. If you’re wondering how to make moodboards without spending any money, you can use materials such as magazines, newspapers and standard color pencils that you already have. For the base of your vision board, you can use a foam board, cardboard, or regular paper.

Once you have the base, cut out images from magazines, newspapers, old books, or print your own photos or images you’ve found online. To make it more original and artistic, you can also print out quotes and phrases, or handwrite them yourself, and even add some texture with glitter, fabrics, etc.

2.2 Digital mood board

You really don’t have to spend a lot of effort and time on your vision board. The important thing is that you put together a mood board that will help you visualize and manifest your goals. So, the following are the best tips and tricks on how to do a mood board online for a quicker and simpler process.

A good and efficient platform to create a mood board is Pinterest, where you can create boards by pinning the images that you like, and is also great to get inspiration from other people’s mood boards. Plus, you can make the board private if you rather your followers didn't see it.

Another good alternative to a physical mood board is to create your vision board on a free online platform meant solely for this purpose, like GoMoodboard. This platform is free and you don’t need to create an account to start creating! And if you’re wondering how to create a moodboard online in an even more simple way, you can design one on a PowerPoint presentation and save it as an image! The advantage of creating a digital mood board is that you can save it on your phone, make it your lock screen, your laptop wallpaper, etc., so you can really take it anywhere with you!

3. Build things up around a large picture

Lastly, once you know what you want to project on your vision board, you have your images and quotes picked out and you decided on whether you are going to create a physical or a digital mood board, it’s time to start designing and putting everything together. So, how to do a mood board that does not look chaotic with so many pictures and phrases?

Well, there’s only one rule when creating a vision, and that is to build things up around a large picture. The way it works is that when you see a large image on your board, your brain has questions about it and will therefore quickly scan the rest of the mood board to find answers. So the idea is to place smaller related images that give support to the larger picture and that will clarify the message given on it. This is a subliminal trick that not only will it help you create your board but also visualize and internalize your goal better every time you look at the vision board.

Whilst the above have been a few tips on how to create an aesthetic moodboard, the final step once your board is completely finished is to place it on a prominent spot, where you’ll be able to look at it even if it’s only for just a few seconds a day. A good idea is to hang it on your fridge, bathroom, closet or make it your wallpaper so you are able to view it when you do your daily morning routine or whilst you work. After all, the whole purpose of a vision board is to effortlessly remind yourself of your goals so you subconsciously work towards them regularly.

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