How Are Vision Boards Effective in Your Personal Life and Career

A vision board or mood board is a very influential tool that can help you achieve your goals. The way it does it is by helping you select what your main and most important goals for you are in a palpable and visual way. It’s a creative process that includes deciding what your dreams are, visualizing them to attract opportunities and working consistently on them to make them become a reality.

Instead of writing down your goals on a notebook and looking at them a few times a year, by choosing to portray them in a visual collage and looking at them regularly, you are way more prone to achieve them. Continue reading to understand what is the purpose of a mood board and know how it works!

Vision boards help you project any type of goal in different ways

There’s the concept of vision boards for students, vision boards for business or a career vision board, amongst others, that suit all stages of life. Vision boards can be created for any type of purpose and goal, long-term, short-term, a specific goal or a lifestyle goal. You also don’t have to be the most creative person to take part in a mood board project and can use about anything, from online tools to pen and paper to design the perfect one.

How do you want your vision board to look?

As we’ve already mentioned, the way you put together your mood board is up to you as there's no right or wrong way to do one. You might prefer to use post-it notes or only printed pictures. Some people like to go for a tangible poster-like mood board that you can hang up on your wall, whilst others prefer making their wallpaper their career vision board, like myself! (The cover photo for this article is actually a screenshot of my vision board wallpaper!).

What type of goals do you want to project?

What is the purpose of your mood board? Mood boards are great for accomplishing a certain goal or to envision and manifest a lifestyle. So maybe your goal is to lose weight and get to a certain scale number or just live a healthier and more active life. Also, you don’t have to stick to only one type of goal, as the open space on vision boards allows you to project a whole year's worth of goals in every area of your life (career, health, relationships, etc.).

But you can also create separate mood boards for different categories. For example, you can design a career vision board that only focuses on your goals related to your job and professional life. Or a vision board that only focuses on health and wellness, one that only projects travel plans or a mood board that helps you externalize a positive mindset. These are only some of the many vision board examples you can create!

Vision boards help you decide what your goals are

Before trying to tackle your life goals, step one has to be deciding what these goals and objectives you’re going to focus on are. So before starting, say, your career vision board, you should start identifying your job desires and select pictures and quotes that represent them. This selection process helps you narrow down your focus and actually design your board fixating on the specific message that matters to you. This is because the small space of your vision board forces you to really put on your main goals and dreams and allows no space for non-priority goals.

Vision boards help you accomplish your goals

So, once you have set up your vision board, the way you are going to start accomplishing your goals is by visualization and consistency.


Visualization is when you create images in your mind of what you want to do or what you want to have. This practice helps achieve your goals when you repeat these images over and over every single day. The way it works is that by creating this constant image of what you want in your head, you are reminded of your dreams and thus makes you stay on track. In fact, this study on strength gaining in fitness shows that the mental training of a physical exercise is almost as effective as the actual physical practice. And the reason why vision boards work and help with visualization is because they take the thoughts and goals in your head and convert them into something tangible and more realistic.


When you’ve mastered the visualization technique, you need to remember to visualize and work towards your goals consistently. The way consistency works is that every time we repeat an action, our neurons build a stronger connection to the point where they are able to do the action automatically (which is the reason as to why any skill can become automatic). And how do mood boards help with consistency? The answer is that they act as a daily reminder of your objectives. And if you look at your career vision board consistently you’ll work regularly and at a steady pace to complete your professional goals.


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