7 Productive Things to Do on a Plane When You Don’t Have Wi-Fi

If you fly low cost, aren’t really bothered about paying extra for inflight Wi-Fi or have discovered that airplane internet connection is pretty unreliable, then this article is for you! Even if Wi-Fi is becoming increasingly popular in a lot of airlines, some of them don’t offer this perk, so we have to find ways to entertain ourselves that don't require the Internet. So if you regularly fly for business or personal reasons and, like me, would rather spend your time wisely rather than just sleep (which is also a good alternative!), here are 7 productive things to do on a plane without Wi-Fi.

1. Use the Notes App on your phone to do work

I personally come up with my most creative ideas when I’m relaxed. And that happens to be when I’m on a flight. But at 3000 feet above the ground I don’t have any Internet connection to do research, so I jot down any ideas I have on the Notes app on my phone. What I also do is I’ll write my notes up neat from this marketing course I’m taking at work. From my notebook to my Notes App, and then copy and paste them to my Google Drive when I'm home.

2. Organize your phone

Have you also gotten that dreaded storage notification that tells you you don’t have any space left? Organizing your apps, photos, etc., is one of the very productive things to do on a plane without Wi-Fi. Avoid running out of space by deleting all the unnecessary apps you don’t use anymore.

Also, if you struggle to find what you’re looking for and your phone gets too overwhelming sometimes, maybe it’s time you sort your apps into folders so you find what you’re looking for right away! A neat and efficient home screen can help you be more productive when working from your phone. So here’s an article on a creative and smart system to organize your home screen.

3. Draft emails you need to send

Replying to emails is one of the most tedious admin tasks there is to be done. But it’s a daily task we all have to do to keep on top of things at work. So if you’re looking for things to do without Internet on your flight and want to speed up work: reply to emails, save them as drafts, and hit send as soon as you land!

4. Read a newspaper to catch up on current events

Being productive doesn’t mean only doing work stuff. Productivity (for me) is not wasting my time and spending it on something that will help me grow. Therefore, my next tip and one of the more chill things to do on a plane without Wi-Fi is to read the newspaper! Because being aware of current events provides you with general knowledge, and moreover, is a source of inspiration, helps you expand your storytelling techniques and improve your language skills. It’s hard to develop reading the newspaper as a habit, but what better place to do it in than a quiet plane with nothing else to do?

5. Catch up on articles you’ve been meaning to read

I more than often find myself saving articles I see on Social Media on Pocket so I can read them when I have time. And being stuck on an internet-less airplane is the best excuse to catch up on them and entertain myself! That long list of BuzzFeed articles you have saved for ages? Now is the time to tackle it!

6. Learn something new!

Another thing to do on a plane without Wi-Fi is learning something new. You can learn a new language on an App as most of them don’t require Internet connection. But if you don’t fancy learning a new language, there’s plenty of cool Apps that will teach you History, Geography, etc. On my flights, I have been finding really entertaining this app that teaches you the 50 US states and their capitals, so I’m trying to learn them by hard (before you come for me, please note that I’m not North-American or live in the US!).

7. Meditate

Lastly, a productive yet one of the most effortless and relaxing things to do on a plane without Wi-Fi is to meditate and take care of your mental health. Flying back and forth for business or for any other reason can be exhausting and draining. So it’s highly recommended you take some time to meditate and calm your anxiety by doing some breathing exercises. Although I don’t meditate per se, I tend to journal a lot on planes, and that is a great way to organize my thoughts and calm me down when I’m overthinking and going through a lot of stress. I find the peace and dim atmosphere of planes a comforting place to do so.


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