The 5 TV shows you need to watch for career inspiration


If you’re anything like me, then you’ll probably enjoy watching shows that unfold the story of a normal guy that ends up becoming a successful businessperson after hard work and dedication (and a few relationships and breakups somewhere in between). You might enjoy workplace TV shows because you feel represented by the main character, or they might give you motivation and hope to work hard and also become a successful person! (Because, hey, if the girl next door became a millionaire in only two seasons so can we, right?)

In this article I suggest 5 TV shows that talk about the strange dynamics every workplace has as well as give you inspiration and encouragement to work hard and get your dream job.

1. Younger

Based on the 2005 novel of the same name by Pamela Redmond Satran, ‘Younger’ follows the life of Liza Miller, a 40 year-old divorcee that wants to get back to the professional world after a decade-long hiatus. She then pretends to be 20 years younger in a job interview and lands a job in a book publisher. The whole plot revolves around her navigating the competitive world of publishing, getting promoted, keeping her biggest secret and falling in love. Starring the brilliant Sutton Foster and the talented Hilary Duff, this is without a doubt one of the best TV shows about careers I’ve ever watched.

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2. Start-up

Probably featuring in the top 3 of my favourite TV shows of all time, Start-up (스타트업) is a Korean drama that tells the story of young growing entrepreneurs and how they try to jump-start their business by getting into the fictional Silicon Valley of Korea, Sandbox. The story does not only revolve around the struggles and failures one faces when starting a company, but it also focuses on their personal lives showing the characters handle a truly devastating love triangle and going through grief. The dynamic of their business and the journey they go through categorise it as a workplace tv show that you will for sure be able to relate to and love!

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3. Workin’ Moms

The Canadian series premiered in 2017, and since then has offered their fans a total of 4 seasons. The show revolves around 4 friends who are trying to balance their jobs with taking care of their kids. It perfectly captures the struggle of new moms trying to grow professionally, get a promotion and focus on their passion but also having to take care of their family. With friendship betrayal, infidelity and sacrifice being recurring themes, this sitcom is one of the best TV shows about jobs to watch and enjoy.

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4. Silicon Valley

Since its debut in 2014, Silicon Valley has been claimed to be one of the best comedy shows off all time. Not only is it hilarious and witty, but it really manages to portray the ins and outs of Silicon Valley, which is considered the tech heaven on Earth. You get to see what happens behind the apps and smartphones we use on the daily and get to laugh whilst learning which, in my opinion, is why it makes the show such a sensation. If you enjoy workplace TV shows you’ll enjoy the story of these 4 programmers who’re friends and decide to create an app with little to no idea on how the business world works. There’s comedy, suspense and there are unexpected scenarios that keep coming up which definitely keeps you on your toes!

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5. Romance is a Bonus Book

‘Romance is a Bonus Book’ focuses on gender-related issues women have to deal with at work such as discrimination, the stigma behind being divorced/unmarried woman, etc. And whilst I personally am not a divorcee or have a young daughter to take care of, I did relate to main character Kang Dan-i when struggling to find a job, adapting to her new office and colleagues, handling her not-so-nice boss and trying to prove to the company what she's worth. 

The workplace where most of the story takes place is a book publishing company, which is fantastic and captivating if you’re a bookworm like myself who’ll enjoy seeing how books are made. However, if you’re the type of person that enjoys suspense and a fast-paced show, this workplace TV show might not be for you. ‘Romance is a bonus book’ does not have a set story and rather focuses on the character’s real-life issues and day to day lives.

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