Does Working Abroad Benefit Your CV?

There are plenty of studies that show that international experience gets you hired faster. In fact, it is believed that graduates who have spent time studying and interning abroad have higher starting salaries than graduates that have no experience abroad and out-earn them by 17%. And approximately 85% of them feel that studying and working overseas has built valuable skills for the current job market.

So, taking these numbers into consideration, there is no doubt that working abroad looks good in your resume and makes you stand out amongst other job candidates. So whilst you should follow these tips for finding a new job if you’re currently job hunting, make sure you add your working abroad experience if you have one as it will for sure boost your CV and also help you find a new job. Experiencing work abroad benefits your career as well as your personal life, as preparing for the experience and actually living it makes you grow and develop initiative.

The following are 5 ways working overseas benefits your CV:

1. Improves your language and communication skills

You can take as many language lessons as you want, but if you don’t talk to locals and immerse yourself in a culture you will never get to learn a language properly. Working abroad gives you the option to experience a working environment in a different language. This is because you will be dealing with customers and communicating with your co-workers in another language, sending emails in another language, etc. What’s more, this will help you come close to becoming bilingual!

Expressing yourself to people who speak a different language will highly improve your communication skills, which marks one of the best work abroad advantages and benefits this experience can give you. After all, when you come back from your time abroad, giving a presentation and speaking with new clients will be, without a doubt, a breeze!

2. Enhances culture awareness

Experiencing work abroad benefits your ability to take in and appreciate a new culture. Currently, having cultural sensitivity and being able to appreciate differences and similarities without assigning them a value is something highly desirable by employers and that only working overseas can give you. And the reason why having culture awareness is so important at work is because it shows you have an appreciation for every individual and what they bring to the table. This trait makes you a good employee as you are able to recognize the importance of your colleagues and clients having different opinions, values and customs.

3. Boosts personal growth 

There are definitely many pros and cons of moving abroad. However, when it comes to this experience, I personally think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. And a big gain from working overseas is the personal growth you experience, especially when you embark on this journey completely alone and for the first time ever.

Working abroad boosts your personal growth as it makes you self-sufficient and independent, definitely two qualities that employers look for in any job candidate. Taking on this experience also shows you are driven and have initiative because you will most likely have had to go out and seek for a job abroad as it’s difficult that a job in another country falls into your lap. Employers will see you are ambitious and okay with being pushed out of your comfort zone and adapt to any situation. Opting for work abroad benefits you immensely as it will personally give you confidence and determination to take on more tasks that you previously considered intimidating.

4. Gives you the possibility to stand out in interviews

Writing down on your resume that you’ve worked abroad will make you stand out from the crowd. And it will not only make a recruiter consider you over other candidates, but it will also give you something to talk about in the interview and something to impress the interviewer with!

Since not many people take the step to move abroad for a period of time, recruiters will most likely ask you questions about your experience, how working abroad benefits your job skills and show a lot of interest in this part of your career. It is then up to you to convince them you’ve learned and grown from it and that the skills you’ve acquired can help you and others in the company.

5. Helps you find your dream career

Often, when we are looking for a work abroad experience, we are open to a lot of different jobs, as one of the main purposes is to immerse ourselves in a culture, learn about ourselves and discover new places. So, by applying for different jobs, you may get hired in a department or industry that you’ve never worked in and really like.

And by traveling and meeting new people you might get introduced to a new interest and passion which can also lead you on a path to a new career you otherwise would have never discovered. Many people opt for holiday working visas, which grant you access to a country for a longer period of time than a standard tourist visa. With it, you can really try out any type of job, and even go for the ones you would have never accepted back home. So, you never know, you might find the career of your dreams when working abroad!

If after reading this article you are still asking yourself ‘why should I work abroad?’, the conclusive and main answer is that it will open the door for more jobs. Having this experience can be the determining factor for an employer to choose you over another candidate with the same skills and education as you. This is because, from what we’ve seen above, companies want workers that have seen the world, know about cultures, show other ways to perform and have stories to tell. Being good at a job won’t make the cut if you don’t show determination, commitment and a clear perception and appreciation for other values.

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