Journaling For Manifestation And The Law Of Attraction


With manifestation, you can make your thoughts become a reality. And contrary to popular belief, it is usually not enough to just speak them into existence and hope for the best. That is why it is encouraged to use journaling for manifestation as this practice will draw consistent attention to your goals in a way that is relaxing, organized and effective. It is also really helpful and highly practical if you create a mood board that acts as the visual side to your journal. So, if you want to make your dreams and projects come true this year, start a journal and use my following tips to exercise the law of attraction.

What is the Law of Attraction?

Do you fully understand what the Law of Attraction or manifestation is and why many people swear by it? The Law of Attraction is basically the ability to use the power of the mind to materialise our dreams and whatever we focus on. So if we aim for something big and think positively about it, we’ll end up achieving it. It basically feeds off the concept that if we implement Gratitude, Affirmation and Conceptualization in our daily lives, we will attract the things that we want.

How do I implement the Law of Attraction?

By knowing and thinking that you can do something you will motivate yourself to do it. It kind of follows the ‘fake it ‘till you make it’ concept. However, simply thinking about the things we want to achieve isn’t enough and, in my opinion, and the LoA becomes more effective if we keep a Law of Attraction diary. This is essentially a journal thought for writing down your goals and dreams and helping you get through the process of achieving them.

Why You Should start a Law of Attraction Diary

When journaling you automatically engage your subconscious mind. It helps you with clarity and to stay focused and productive. Journaling for manifestation is, therefore, the best practice to turn your thoughts into reality because it keeps you accountable, helps you stay on track and helps you realise what exactly you want to achieve.

Manifesting through journaling is easy if you think of what you want and make a list of objects and experiences that you wish to attract into your life in the future. Then, jot down each step and a short description of how you’re going to get it and keep a record of your attempts to do so. You can also go more in depth and write from the following journal prompts and make it a daily habit, so you ensure you are really putting the LoA to practice.

Journal prompts for manifestation

1. Explore your goal thoroughly

The idea behind this prompt is to answer as many questions about your dreams and expectations as possible. Ask yourself ‘why do you want this?’ ‘Why is it so important to you?’ ‘What will you do when you have it?’ and ‘How will you feel when you finally accomplish it or get it?’ 

2. Gratitude

Journaling for manifestation shouldn’t only be about asking. It should also imply being grateful for everything that you already have. Gratitude prompts come in many shapes and forms: you can write a line a day about people and things you’re grateful for, you can write a list of 10 ways you can share your gratitude with others, or a list of 10 things you take for granted, for example.

3. ‘You are what you think’

Another excellent journal prompt for manifestation is to talk to yourself as if you already had achieved your goal. For example, if you want to attract the job of your dreams, you can write a journal entry pretending to be in that job. What does your day-to-day consist of? Talk as if you were already the person you want to become, and you will most definitely attract the aura and vibes and see change in no time.

Journaling for Manifestation tips

The following are just a few tips that I personally follow to make my manifestation journey more powerful and profitable. After taking a look at them and now that you know how to bring your LoA journal to life, don’t hesitate to start and make all your dreams come true!

  • Make it a daily habit!: Set 5 minutes every day to manifest your desires, and you’ll unconsciously have them in your head at all times. Thus, you’ll constantly want to work towards achieving them and speed the progress.
  • Begin your manifestation entry with a date: It is important you do that so you can look back and see how far you’ve come. And, for future manifestations, seeing the time it took for you to accomplish something can help you estimate future goals.
  • Create a mood board: Manifesting through journaling should also be accompanied by manifesting through a vision board. Vision boards are effective for any types of goals as they help us to better visualise them.
  • Set realistic goals: You have to be able to believe it, for the universe to also believe it. My best piece of advice when journaling for manifestation is to set smart and attainable dreams. This way the universe will work alongside you to bring them to life!

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